Writing a Blog Post

A Blog: Purpose and audience

The purpose of an academic blog is to document your learning and to present to the world, your audience, a perspective that reveals your academic interests.

In documenting my learning I also use my blog as a way to reflect, make connections, to curate information and save references. Having written and curated information in a post means that I can easily share my resources with other people who have similar interests.

Writing a Post

The key to blogging is to post often and to do this requires creating a post quickly. Short blogs are best, use short paragraphs, headings and hyperlinks to make information clear. I like to use an image from Unsplash or create a meme, but only if I have time.

Categories and Tags

Categories are like chapters in a book and tags are like the index.

After writing a post categorise and tag the post so you can collate and organise your research findings and reflections and easily find information.

Writing Strategies

Here are some strategies and examples that I use to write a blog post efficiently.

1. Use a Thinking Routine 

  • Connect Extend Challenge:
  • See this post
  • Think-Puzzle-Explore
  • See this post
  • See Think Wonder

2.Reply to an article or post

A reply to post can be really quick to write due to a direct focus on the text. Use headings and quotes to draw connections to your topic.


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