Research Project

Content Description

Research Project B may contribute to a student’s Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

Students choose a research question that is based on an area of interest to them. The term ‘research’ is used broadly and may include practical or technical investigations, formal research, or exploratory inquiries.

The Research Project enables students to explore an area of interest in depth while developing skills to prepare them for further education, training, and work. Students develop their ability to question sources of information, make effective decisions, evaluate their own progress, be innovative, and solve problems.

Knowledge, Skills & Understanding

The knowledge, skills, and understanding that students should develop as a result of undertaking this subject include the life skills.

  1. To become independent and enterprising problem solvers
  2. to develop the communication skills to work collaboratively with peers and in respectful online relationships
  3. to apply knowledge to reach an outcome or solution through the process of reflection and clarification
  4. to develop essential information skills of analysing and evaluating findings
  5. to be exposed to other perspectives and to incorporate new ideas into their research

Visible Learning: Blogging

Since 2016, Research Project students have used their own Edublog site to document their research and learning. Through their blog, they reflect, communicate, connect and develop critical thinking.

Student blogs provide a digital space to journal their research process and therefore, develop their Folio and document weekly reflections for their Evaluation.  By publishing their writing students develop fluency for their final Outcome and through writing comments a supportive community of researchers is created. 

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Examples of student Research Project Blogs:



To read the subject outline and to view online resources please go to the SACE website. (Click HERE)

Further Reading

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