Teaching Excellence

This section outlines the standards and pedagogy that provides a framework for continuous improvement in the delivery of learning outcomes.  Through the development of innovative curriculum material, and the practice of teaching as directed by the Australian Professional Teaching Standards, I believe the quality of teaching will continue to improve.

We discuss attributes of these standards and practices, as well as mechanisms for the measurement of teaching quality by various realisation activities based on review and refinement of existing practices. I strive to improve my teaching by sharing my projects, presentations and innovative teaching practices and providing the opportunity for other teachers to share their ideas and observations.

This should help us to achieve the continuous improvement objective of Teaching Excellence.  All feedback and comments are encouraged and would be most appreciated.

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  1. I am very much delighted joining you in teaching excellency.That would be more beneficial for me,my students and other colleagues too.Thanks a lot…………

    • Hi Ram, I hope that I can help you, your teaching colleagues and students with support. Communication is the start of limitless possibilities and we have started the journey. Cheers Ann

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