Beginners Guide To Blogging

It is best to use the Edublogs Guide to be up-to-date.

Open this link by clicking on the image to set up your blog. Next, join your teacher’s class blog and write an About Me page that reflects your academic profile.

Edblogs heading

Get started with Blogging


Name your blog: Research+first name+first initial of surname.  For example ResearchAnnR This can be changed in the future.

How to name your blog.

Class Blog

After you have set up your own blog join your teacher’s class blog.

How to join your teacher's blog.

How to join your teacher’s blog.


Tips on writing an About Me page

  1. An About Me page tells your audience about your academic life. For privacy do not upload an image of yourself and only use your first name. Do not leave an email address.
  2. Have a look at my About Me Page. As an adult, I have added my image and an email address but I have not added any personal information.
  3. Describe the purpose of your blog. Is it to keep a journal? To connect with others? To publish your research?
  4. What subjects do you study? What is your favourite subject?
  5. What inspires you? Do you have an inspirational quote?
  6. You may like to mention projects that you have been involved in or any other accomplishments.
  7. Future academic or work ambitions
  8. End with thanking people for visiting your site.



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