EAL Lesson: Listening

In this lesson,  write a post about your experiences with listening to English speakers in Australia. Consider the points below. In your post, you can use headings, a paragraph, dot points, a hyperlink and embed a video to engage and inform your global audience.

Below are some headings and dot points for you to consider:

What are some challenges that you have faced with listening and understanding in Australia?

  • learning English in different accents such as American English and different Chinese dialects
  • The Australian accent and different teachers’ accents
  • some people speaking too quickly
  • words that are blended or reduced:

    They want to go home.=  They wanna go home.

  • intonation: teachers change their voice for questions and statements and instructions
  • Australian colloquialism: local television such as drama and the news

Strategies you have used to improve your listening skills?

  • watching films with subtitles
  • watching music videos with lyrics
  • watching television programmes: documentaries, drama and comedy
  • Having conversations with classmates and asking for clarification
  • Listen for teachers’ marker phrases such as when the teacher says ‘Now” they are going to give instructions.

Consider that your audience for this blog will be other teachers and students who are interested in learning listening skills. Your content should demonstrate respectful relationships and online responsibility.

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