Walk My World Project: EAL Lesson

The Walk My World Project

Before starting our graphic novel Fatty Legs by Christy Jordan-Fenton, we will be working on the following SACE capabilities:

The aims of the Personal and Social Capability are to enable pupils to

  • develop their sense of self, and understand their role and place in communities, through the development of their language skills.
  • understand different personal and social experiences, perspectives, and challenges.
  •  identify and express their own opinions, ideas, and responses by interacting with a range of texts and in different social situations

Lesson Plan

Go to the online global project Walk My World.

On your blog, you are to write two posts in response to the two Walk my World Project Events

Project Event 1: Where I begin

Open the page Where I Begin. In class, we will read and have conversations about how you can visually represent yourself. Choose an image or use your own photo and write about how these images reflect your identity.  This can be a photo, a GIF, an object, a drawing, a meme…whatever representation you choose.

Add this visual representation to your blog. Include a description providing more details about what you have shared.

Project Event 2: Where I’ve been.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. – Marcus Garvey

Culture can have multiple definitions and layers.

Culture can include the following contexts: national, ethnic, familial, academic, vocational, avocational, religious, communal.

Read and watch Where I’m From, a poem by George Ella Lyon. As you consider what you’d like to share, take a look at the two student videos inspired by the Lyon poem.

Share an image (or mixture of images) of your culture. Write about how your culture and perhaps your interpretation of culture itself. Remember that no one knows you like you know yourself. You are the expert on you. Trust your perspectives.

Add this content to your blog.

Digital Fluencies

  • copyright: Look at this image from the Walk My World site at the top of the page. Note how the image is cited.
  • respectful writing and intercultural understanding
  • making decisions about what to share online
  • proofreading and checking the layout
  • inserting links
  • creating iMovies
  • creating your own YouTube Channel
  • adding content to a blog
  • demonstrating learning using text, images and video


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