News Sources for Research Topics

Pinterest Online News Articles

Pinterest Online News Articles

To start the Research Project students need to choose a topic that they are interested in but it must also be a topic that will demonstrate their research skills.

This can be difficult so here is a list of useful online magazines.

The Conversation Articles have links and authors are verified.

KQED Education Articles have links and some have videos

Behind the News Videos summarise current news events and have a transcript which is very useful for ESL students’ listening and vocabulary. There are also links for more advanced research.

Tween Tribune  To support students with reading, articles can be viewed at various lexical levels. the Smithsonian Tween Tribune has a wide range of topics and current events.

NEWSLEA Has articles on many international current events and articles can be converted to different lexical levels.

CommonLit  Organises texts under themes and is an excellent source of fiction and non-fiction articles. Most importantly, for research students it gives an example of a discussion question.


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