We are all creative: iBook Poetry Journal

Object Poetry iBook using Creative Fluency

Object Poetry iBook using Creative Fluency

Exploring Creativity with iBooks and Red Room Object Poetry resources

Student assessment using iBooks Author format is now considered suitable to demonstrate student learning as part of the South Australian Certificate of Education. To find out more about iBooks and using them with my senior and middle school students I went to a workshop at AISSA conducted by Apple’s Greg Egan.

After doing the workshop, I was energised to use my new learning immediately. My year 8 English class offered an opportunity to explore iBooks with students creating a learning journal based on their Red Room Object poetry study.

iBooks Poetry journal

Google Presentation: Creative Fluency for iBooks Poetry

I used the Creative Fluency for students to structure their iBook into sections. Under each heading students described and reflected on their learning from the Red Room activities. To illustrate the idea of a learning journal I created a Google side presentation for class discussion. Greg Egan advised that students collect all of their files: texts, images and media before starting their iBooks and this worked really well as media was just dragged into the pages.

The iBook engaged students in creativity as they used their mindmaps, sketches, inserted videos, images, text and recorded their poetry readings. Together we learned how to make the iBooks. What surprised me were the differences in all of their iBooks despite a common structure and how deep their reflections were on the poetry tasks. This  visible learning gave me valuable feedback on how students felt about the poetry tasks that I had used from Red Room’s Object Poetry resources.

Here are some examples:



Apple Education: Create with iBooks Author

Global Digital Citizenship: Creative Fluency

Red Room Object Poetry Resources

AISSA Workshop 



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    • Thank you Bess, I hope to share the actual student iBooks as their reflections are so expressive about the logic and emotions behind their chosen ‘object’ for their poem. A real insight into teaching and learning.

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