SketchNoting and Publishing Stories

In our last two weeks of term we had time for some revision and creative fun in my year 8 English class.

We started with revising writing techniques using sketchnoting: students watched and listened to my presentation about writing techniques on the whiteboard and they sketchnoted how they could develop their writing.

These are some of their drawings.

Now, we were ready for the creative fun part- To write our own stories and to publish our writing online.

Using Write About  students could  publicly share their creative writing.  It was also an opportunity to teach responsible digital citizenship, copyright, plagiarism and how to write respectful comments on other students’ work.

My students were very keen to publish to a wider global audience. They all took

Write About

Write About
Student public writing

their own photos to post with their text and I was shocked by how much they wrote picking up the language techniques from the sketch-not revision lesson.

Sketchnoting is a creative form of taking notes and Write About is a great space to publish student writing as well as an opportunity for peer support and learning digital citizenship in context.


Sketchnoting Resources:

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