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How can we use social media in class?

While exploring Simfin’s blog, A Blog from Under the Floorboards  I became excited about the possibilities of using AudioBoom as a way for students to communicate and connect as part of a handshake activity for my Global Whale Project.

Simfin recounts how he met Christian Payne (aka Documentally) a freelance mobile media maker who also specialises in Social Technology and connected platforms and how educators can learn from Christian about preparing students to use social media responsibly to connect and share.

Documentally posts audio blogs on his AudioBoom Blog to document who he meets and to share his thoughts. Listen to this recording about the Vodaphone challenge to travel Land’s End to John o Groats with no currency other than a few sim cards….

So I made my first audio blog and this is what it looks like on my AudioBoom Post.

My First AudioBoom Blog Post

My First AudioBoom Blog Post

As an audio tool for my Global Project AudioBoom offers a way for students to reflect, to connect and share. Their audio can be embedded into their Google presentation handshake.

Using AudioBoom also teaches students how to use social media in a responsible way. It provides an opportunity for students to learn technology and good citizenship skills in context. Equally, I wanted to use audio in my handshake activity to foster empathy and engage students in forming relationships. The map will also help students gain a geographical image of where their team members live.

Another Learning Idea

Have a look at AudioBoom’s educational resources to see what teachers are doing with AudioBoom. There are also Playlists, Favourites, and you can follow people.

Another fun learning activity using Documentally’s AudioBoom Blog would be to share his recording, What Would be the Trip Of Your Life? with students.

Students could visually note-sketch their Trip of a Life and to use their drawings as the launchpad  for their own 1 -2 minute AudioBoom recording. This could be embedded on the class blog along with their drawings. Audio recordings have many benefits especially for ESL students as a challenging activity to express themselves, to reflect and to sequence ideas.




More ideas

ThinLink and AudioBoom

And finally a totally awesome video from Documentally.

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