FCGP Celebration

Celebrating a shared achievement.

Celebrating a shared achievement in the school newsletter.

A public celebration

As students completed their co-created videos for the Flat Connections Global Project (FCGP) and uploaded them to their Ning blogs and on the Wiki, our school term came to an end, and we could not be present for the Global Summit.

A public celebration was needed to bring about a sense of completion and to share the success of their global collaboration.

This article for our final school magazine shared with the school community the students’ achievement and their personal reflection about using communication technology to connect, collaborate and co-create.

Academic Achievement

The students’ successful completion of the FCGP research was also reflected in their academic achievement for semester two.  Flat Connections written tasks and the video rubric complemented SACE learning requirements for ESL Stage 1 Knowledge and Understanding,  Analysis, Application and Communication.

This school newsletter article also gave me an opportunity to celebrate through sharing my professional teacher reflection about the  Flat Connections Global Project with the school community.

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  1. Hello Ann

    I really like the integration of Digital Technology and the students achievement being reflected in the traditional media and the School Magazine. I can imagine the excitement they must have felt and thank you for sharing their experience with us.

    • Thanks Anthony, yes the students were very excited as it means a lot to them to have their faces in the school magazine. It is a recognition of achievement that they can be proud of.

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