Developing A Global Approach to Learning

How has the FCGE Course Changed How I Learn?

Global Didital Citizenship

ISSUU presentation on Global Digital Citizenship by Sonya Sonya Van Schaijik and Ann Rooney

Our first Minor Assignment for the Flat Connections Global Educator Course was to QuadBlog and then collaborate with another FCGE student to produce a document that combined our thinking on the concept and practices of global digital citizenship in education.

Our Process

My partner, Sonya Van Schaijik and I firstly wrote a series of our own blogs, that we then combined into a Google Presentation. We kept in contact and developed our plan by using comments on the Google Presentation, Twitter, our FCGE Ning and Skype. Please click on the image above to view the final product.

Challenges and Unforeseen Rewards

This assignment challenged my thinking about how to collaborate, co-research and co-produce a final product. It has taught me about being a global citizen in the context of participating in an authentic task. These skills I am now developing with my students as they participate in the FCGP: how to feel empathy for global partners, how to keep positive and to support each other in the process of global co-production. The rewards of such collaboration are to build relationships, a PLN and to learn new ideas and web 2 tools such as ISSUU. Alone I could not have produced this product.

How has Global connections changed my learning?

Rushton Hurley

Rushton Hurley speaking on Flat Connections

Last week the course presented Rushton Hurley as a guest speaker. One message that I immediately related to was his thoughts on ‘pushing the button’. By this he means adventurous learning and the willingness to take risks.

What buttons have I pushed?

Mike Anderson conversation on Twitter

Mike Anderson conversation on Twitter

Our FCGE first Major Assignment is to collaborate on a Wiki, research a topic from the Horizon Report and to produce a video. My topic is Wearable Technology: impact on society and the global community . I have found articles and videos but by thinking globally and reaching out through Twitter I have Push a button and asked to interview Mike Anderson.

What have I learnt?

  • Collaborative tools:
  • Citizenship skills:
  • Be connected:
  • Adventurous Learning: ‘Push the button’
  • A global approach: find an expert by using the Internet as a collaborative tool


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