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Global challenges: Your Voice

Google Presentation on learning Unit

This lesson is about cultivating a confidence to speak through discussing global challenges and  communicating opinion using Fotobabble.

This SACE Stage 1 ESL learning unit will develop the following Language & Literacy Levels

  1. Compose visual and multimodal texts in print and digital environments using a range of design choices and visual tools for the intended purpose and targeted audience:
  2. begins to compose theoretical explanations using  diagrams; composes accounts from a particular personal or cultural perspective
  3. analyses accuracy of interpretations, identifies bias and prejudice and offers alternative readings to a text
  4. Appropriately and effectively chooses from an extensive range of evaluative language including a greater range of nominalisation and/or cultural metaphor, with less emphasis on feelings and more on judgment and appreciation:
  5. Chooses and combines an extensive range of complex language, including beginning to use nominalisation
  6. Uses subject-specific vocabulary to express abstract concepts

Learning activities

  • Choose one website on a global issue. (Use the class presentation.)
  • Write an explanation of the site: Describe the issue,  the authors,  their purpose, what they have achieved and how people can get involved. Do you think the site is reliable? Why?
  • Draft and edit. Check for the language skills above.
  • Login to Fotobabble.
  • Take a screenshot of the web page and upload to Fotobabble.
  • Record your text and edit your image.
  • Embed your Fotobabble in your blog.
  • View another student’s Fotobabble and make a comment.

About Fotobabble:

Fotobabble is both an iPad app and a web application.  It enables you to record audio to a photo and share it on a social network or embed in a blog. It has private or public options and it is free.  This EdTechTeacher’s video HERE shows you how to use Fotobabble on the iPad and a computer.


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