Google Summit: Video editing

Video Editing on a Chromebook – Presented By Wes Warner

This session was more of a workshop in which we actually made a short video using the tools that Jim Sills  had mentioned using YouTube editor. To find the editor click on Dashboard/creator/editor. Below is the video I created using CC in YouTube Editor. Click the image to view. 

CC Youtube

A Video in 10 minutes using CC in YouTube


Wes started with a storyboard and how it is important from the start to:

  • ask questions, such as, what emotions do you feel?
  • be consistent with headings/transitions.
  • distractions: use the simple fade in and fad out as complicated ones look amateurish
  • think about the sort of images / music you want
How to make a video using Creative Commons
  1. Use CC to watch video to see if you like it. It might have an idea you want. Click and drag into editor
  2. Drag in image
  3. Scissors and cut (magnifying glass to right of screen) Click scissors (hand off mouse and move)
  4. Add Text . Click enable text box.
  5. Close and go back to videos (click on space beyond the video)
  6. All changes are saved automatically
  7. Click on video and go to audio. Turn volume down to remove YouTube audio.

More Apps

  • Go to chrome store.
  • Wevideo (This is limited to so much you can do before you are charged.)
  • Use Wevideo to use as photo story.

This was a great session as it was so practical and I created my own video using a new app.  Being new to Google Apps I would have liked more of these types of workshops.

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