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What I’ve been doing in YouTube

Since the AISSA workshop I’ve been adding videos to my playlists. Click the image to go to my playlist.

YouTube Playlist

A fast way to make folders of videos. You can add notes for teaching ideas.

Great Commercials

I have also been using commercials to flip in Verso as provocations in my currant year 8 English Public Opinion study.

I recommend having a look at TedEd’s Adds Worth Spreading.

Ted ed Ideas Worth Spreading

Ten commercials with notes.

It has focusing ideas and information about the commercials. These could be used to examine persuasive techniques in film and advertising.

This Google commercial is very moving.

In the EALD classroom they could be used to retell stories, sequence or retell from different perspectives or create imaginary dialogues between characters. The NZ traffic commercial is very shocking so be cautious.

More great videos on TedEd Lessons

TedEd lesson: Persuasion

TedEd lesson: Persuasion

When searching for a video on persuasive techniques I found this Ted Ed animation. It also has a Ted Ed lesson for you to create your own lesson.

Click the image to go to TedEd Lesson.


I tried Video Ant to add questions and this is what it looked like:

Video Ant

Annotate video. Questions are shown on top bar.

Overall, TedEd Lessons, Verso and Video Ant are three very accessible was to concept check student understanding and create a more interactive flipped lesson resulting in an environment where learning is more visible.








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