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Using Twitter to connect my blog with others.

I first started a Twitter account along with my blog while attending the Word Press workshop by George Couros.

For most of last year I was absorbed with getting a feel for writing blogs with my main purpose being to reflect on my personal learning and to build my professional portfolio.

In the last few months, as I refined my focus on developing functional grammar videos, I realised that I could use my blog to connect with other EALD, TESOL teachers to collaborate, get feedback on the videos and to build learning resources. The Possibility Post would no longer be just a static collection of ideas but an advanced site where I can share ideas, learn from feedback provided and collaborated with other teachers.

So here was the challenge, how to collaborate, encourage feedback and widen my audience.  How about Twitter?  But I was unsure on how to use it.  The summer break provided the free time and opportunity to learn Twitter by doing the tutorials on Atomic Learning.  As you can see from the image above I quickly learnt how to design my page, upload images and videos and start conversations with new people using Twitter hash tags.

Following my first week of Tweeting I have experienced unbelievable outcomes. There was exponential growth in site visitors and I got numerous comments on my last post.  It appears that using Twitter in conjunction with a blog site can contribute to building a professional leaning network and stimulate productive collaboration.

The impact of writing a blog is not only the opportunity to reflect in my posts but also to have conversations with others who are interested and Twitter gives me the technology to connect and build creative relationships.



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  1. I agree Atomic Learning is a great resource to get the most out of software applications. I like the way you can easily go back to where you left off and quickly review what you have already learned.

  2. Hello Ann

    Great post, I never released that Twitter could be used in conjunction with a blog site but on reflection it makes perfect sense. I must try it out on my own site.

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