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Presentation on Flipping the EALD Levels

EALD Teachers Network Mwweting

EALD Teachers Network Meeting

I felt honoured and thrilled to be asked by Joan Richards, (DECD EALD Consultant), to show my presentation on Flipping the classroom using the new Language & Literacy Levels at the recent EALD Teachers Network meeting.  Joan had seen the presentation last August at the Numeracy and Literacy Conference.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time I did not show some videos from the previous August presentation. In thinking about how to share these videos I realised that I could put them in a Vimeo Channel where others could access them.

So please open the Vimeo Channel and have a look at Jon Bergmann talking about Flipping and a short video explaining “How I Use the Levels”.  There is also a video I made on student feedback from my ESL Stage 2 class and a video compilation giving examples of my grammar videos using powerPoint and Camtasia. The AITSL Illustrations site has examples of Flipping the classroom too. Have a look at this  AITSL video to see how Flipping can give you more class time.

For me what was great about doing the EALD Network presentation was that I met  and had discussions with teachers.  I realise how valuable it is to get feedback on my videos. I want to make the learning content in the videos more explicit- to engage students and for the language features in the video to be more relevant. Hence, I would value and appreciate discussion and feedback from others.

This sharing of videos is an opportunity to do something great- to start online discussions about how functional grammar videos could be used in Flipping the classroom or in class as part of explicit teaching.

Presenting at the EALD Teachers Network meeting made me realise how important it is to build powerful relationships and to learn from others. My blog and Vimeo Channel could be a chance to create learning opportunities for myself and other teachers to enhance the learning opportunities for our students.

If you have any questions about how I make my videos please leave a comment on this blog and I will be happy to respond with some ideas.

By subscribing to my blog you will be sent an email when I post updates so, we can share ideas and share often. I would love to collaborate with anyone who is interested in innovative learning using video, the Levels or Functional Grammar.

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