Learning Frontiers & 21 Century Fluencies Project

This week I subscribed to a new AITSL project Learning Frontiers and watched a video presentation by Valerie Hannon: Learning Futures
: What kind of people are we trying to create?

Please watch the video and subscribe to the Learning Frontiers Project…

AITSL is initiating a project focused on student engagement in learning. Learning Frontiers will support practitioners to develop professional practices which optimise the true engagement of learners. This we believe is a prerequisite to realise the goals of the Australian Curriculum in our new context of complex challenges and amazing opportunities.

In the video Valerie Hannon questions if there are currently the enabling conditions to bring about true engagement of learners. This is why I feel that the 21 Century Fluencies Project at Wilderness is so important.


To bring about awareness and the conditions for the Fluencies Project I have created and displayed posters in the English faculty and shared my poster with other leaders.  Working with another Fluency leader, Lisa Kloverkorn, we have organised an English faculty meeting to introduce the Fluencies to other teachers.


More discoveries…..also found this site called Challenge Based Learning 

Challenge Based Learning is collaborative and hands-on, asking students to work with peers, teachers, and experts in their communities and around the world to ask good questions, develop deep subject area knowledge, identify and solve challenges, take action, and share their experience.

Together these three resources, The 21 Century Fluencies Project, AITSL Learning Frontiers Project and Challenge Based Learning all support each other not only in project based learning but also in collaboration and publishing to a wider audience.  Following up  on the idea of student publication, Sue Green  told me about 21 Classes,  a multi-user blog system with an unlimited number of members that could be a safe place for students to publish to a wider audience.

So many possibilities…


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