Video, learning content and student relationships

Received the AITSL May eNews and watched the Illustration of Practice describing how a teacher used student feedback to change from lecturing to using video. Previously he had lectured for 20 – 25 minutes in class then used the remaining 15 – 20 minutes for individual and group help. This method changed after receiving student feedback requesting more individual instruction as they felt this is how they learnt best. In response he is now using video which has enabled him to compress the learning content into 5 – 10 minutes and gaining more time to spend with students.

I am inspired by this video as I have been making videos to ‘Flip’ my ESL classroom and have found that they are also great to use in the lesson because they present information concisely.  So far using videos seems to be making learning content accessible to ESL students and allows for greater focus on building student relationships and giving individual assistance.

This reminded me of other possibilities. Let’s Not Forget: Teaching is an Art–The Intersection between Relationship, Curiosity, and Content by Jon Bergmann and he video is on Flipped

Next step is for me to get student feedback on my ESL videos.

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