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Welcome to the Research Project 2016

In 2016, students will create their own Edublog site to document their research and learning. Through their site, they will communicate, connect and develop critical thinking by reading comments on their posts from students and experts. Their blog will comprise a vital part of their folio and develop their literacy and fluency for their report.

Student Edublogs Links

Content Description

Research Project B may contribute to a student’s Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

Students choose a research question that is based on an area of interest to them. The term ‘research’ is used broadly and may include practical or technical investigations, formal research, or exploratory inquiries.

The Research Project enables students to explore an area of interest in depth while developing skills to prepare them for further education, training, and work. Students develop their ability to question sources of information, make effective decisions, evaluate their own progress, be innovative, and solve problems.

To read the subject outline and to view online resources please go to the SACE website. (Click HERE)

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